First CONVERSE Flagship Store Opens in the Philippines!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ayala has become so hip I envy them that much in shopping choices and establishments. Another great store was opened last week at the new Glorietta wing which had local celebrities and fashionistas flock to an afternoon in Makati. This is Converse's First Flagship Store in the country!

Proud owners and executives were there too while all the guests had first dibs on the store's offerings. We were like a kid in a candy store and saw some must haves on the shelves!

Fancy something easy to wear while wearing shorts on a summer day? Here are some Jack Purcell classics. You can mix and match your footwear with your clothes. You don't need to stay with those boring shoes anymore, just grab a Converse pair and you'll get something more than what you bargained for... plus a lot more in this new store!

College or high school must haves are these awesome bags. I specifically love the plaid one which strikes me as the more classy choice. The other two would probably fall to a younger demographic. I like them too!

You see how cold it is this month? Well Converse has got the perfect jacket to come along with this cold weather. Just wear it light, put it on and zip it up to keep warm. Perfect no?

As for celebrity sightings that afternoon... would this be enough to convince you?

Artists, Rockstars, teen hearthrobs and child wonders all attest on throwing away a lifestyle of just plainly wearing boring shoes. They all prefer Converse. There are also new designs and materials this season you all should look out for. Here are some of my top picks! :)

I love the new hi cut shoes. Best of all, they are not just in cloth form, they are leather would you believe? :) Now you can dress up and have these on your feet if you want a grungy, classy yet rock look.

I have most of these already in my shoe rack. You can't go wrong with Chuck Taylor. For something rugged, I highly recommend these colored ones and the white too.

Ladies, or kids, don't fret because they have tons of shoes available for you too. No matter what the color palette, they have well adapted to what style and what's hip in 2013. Who else can pull off something like this but Converse!

I saved the best for last. These comfy ones are definitely going to sell like hotcakes because they not only look good, they feel good. Plus style wise, they are still street/skate inspired. Different personalites, different styles, Converse knows how to actually please us in this department. I've seen some of these shoes over at the new branch they opened up in Glorietta. It's at the 2nd Level of the New Glorietta Ayala Mall in Makati City. So if you are a Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Cons, or John Varvatos fan, you should definitely check them out!

Shoes are boring. Wear Sneakers!

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el toro bumingo said...

i love Converse shoes! It's very hip and comfortable. BTW, who's the guy in the B&W pic? He's cute :)