Food for the Soul: Art Fair Philippines 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Did you know that one big part of a first world country's culture should be invested in art? Just ask New York, Chicago, Paris, Milan, etc. and just see how much they have on their cities to enrich something more than just the their heads, but more of their lifestyle; it's that important. There's an ART FAIR happening in the Philippines and yes; it will be happening this year.

Slated on February 7-10, 2013 art galleries from all over the metro and a couple of more outside Manila converge in the hustling and bustling city of Makati. They are heading the pack when it comes to these. Philippine Contemporary Art can't be on any other city than modern Makati because of its skyscrapers, modern architecture and existing public art. Have you seen the Arturo Luz sculptures in Ayala Triangle Gardens? Have you seen the Eduardo Castrillo pieces in RCBC? Have you seen the underpass murals by BenCab? Well, more world renowned artists are coming up!

MFPI VP Lisa Periquet (MFPI), Trickie Lopa (MFPI) of Museum Foundation Philippines organized and told us about the plans they have for Makati's planned art installations. Art Fair Philippines 2013 will have the whole 6th level of The Link's carpark into a huge art boutique. It' the building in between Makati Shangrila Hotel and The Landmark department store. There will be several regional art auctions and art prodigies showcasing their work to be seen by the public. Art Galleries such as Silverlens, The Drawing Room, Galleria Duemila, Blanc, Art Informal, Manila Contemporary, Finale Art Gallery, West Gallery, MO Space, Boston Gallery are some of the participants, there are more so it's something that they have been looking forward to. They are going to eventually try to make this an annual thing.

Some of the pieces to look forward to are "Asphalt" by kinetic sculptor Gabriel Barredo and the Norberto Roldan Jr.'s "San Miguel Beer Crates" which I have seen on the video... a breathtaking spectacle and truly world class. It wouldn't be possible without the participating galleries and artists that are gambling to make art more accessible to the public. Congratulations to Makati City, you're getting something spectacular on your grounds. It's totally something  special, something to look forward to this 2013!

AFP will also be launching Philippine Art Awards so make sure you get to see these pieces. Some of them may eventually win. Free tickets by the way will be given to Makati City students in groups of 4 below. This is organized by Philippine Art Events Inc.

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