How Hacking Help Apps Grow

Saturday, August 28, 2021

If you've been irritated by ads on apps you are using, then you're not alone. As apps showcase reasons to change your lives, you gotta ask yourself if it is true.

Building apps isn't easy and in the process of making new ones should have one element, growth hacking. If there exists a good efficient one out there, make it better.

Shane Shan the Director for APC Huawei Consumer Cloud Service says "There should be a strong sense of creativity at growth. Software developers must pay close attention to products and user experience. In order to grow quickly, you need a unified effort between marketing, engineering, developers and existing users".

This is also why they are continuing to discovering talent over at AppsUP 2021: The Huawei HMS App Innovative Contest. They're making app developers better with their craft so they can understand it more, to unleash one's full potential. Being meticulous at testing phase at the beginning of an app's development can take out costs which may affect the budget. Frequently doing it is highly suggested.

Listening to pro/premium users who pay for the service is also a good strategy because in some ways, they are also invested in it, so is building a community for it. This is why Huawei Mobile Services is introducing a lot of features to their products like AI, AR and analytics capabilities. You too can launch your app to millions of people around the world, visit for more details about it.


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