At 3M Views, Netizens Clamor Second Season for GVBoys on Puregold Channel

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Puregold Channel is pleased to announce that its latest online series, "GVBoys," has officially breached the 3M mark in viewership on YouTube and Facebook. It is now FREE to view every Saturday night through these channels. It's made for digital properties of Puregold Channel and is Directed by Don Cuaresma, GVBoys features a group of misfits led by Jawo, Zeus, and Dax. It was created by Mario Acosta and Sherwin Buenvenida as it aims to make the pandemic a little lighter, as this entertainment piece comes at an opportune time.

Since its pilot, the group has been through many crazy and zany activities to raise money for their boarding house. Puregold Channel is not yet ruling out a second season of the series, but judging from the feedback they're getting on different platforms, netizens are eager to see a second season with GVBoys. Now on the upcoming episode, Jawo will be causing a riot when they start putting up sexy car washes. Add to that some new characters in the show that will provide funny but scary antics, you'll blow your socks off!

Now don't let me spoil things for you, because as of now, the 3M mark is steadily increasing, so make sure you're subscribed to and see why people love the GVBOYS!


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