Jollibee Outs Commercial on What Happiness Costs These Days

Monday, August 02, 2021

So, let me ask you, does happiness have to cost a lot? Well, the folks at Jollibee just made a new commercial recently that does not just showcase their Jollisaver meals, but a  whole lotta fun talk about how you would want to become young and at what cost. Check out this video they posted on the Jollibee Facebook page:

The langhap sarap Yumburger only costs Php 35.00, while the Filipino Style, sweet sarap Jolly Spaghetti costs Php 50.00 and the Anne Curtis endorese beefy saucy Burger Steak and Jolly Hotdog costs Php 50.00. Now really, even without they food, they've got a good point. Happiness shouldn't cost a lot, we should think about the little things, the most important people in our lives.

Now go and order on the Jollibee app and or their hotline #87000. Either that or just go to the stores for pickup or drive thru. Make more memories, that's better than aging skin.

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