SB19, KathNiel, Sara Geronimo Shines During Acer Day 2021

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Filipino is world class, and that evidently was shown during the recent Acer Day 2021 which was streamed on Acer Philippines' channels across the region. During the event, our very own Acer ambassadors Sarah Geronimo, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo and SB19 brought the house down and showcased how it's done in our part of the world. The online concert was epic not only because of the artists that were performing, but the thought of doing it during the pandemic. These people performed and proved that bringing entertainment can be done, as Thank You" for supporting a brand that has done remarkable achievements in the past year. 

During the Acer Day 2021 online concert, they also copped the number one hashtag on Twitter #SB19ForAcer beside other ones like #AcerDay2021 and #LiveYourWorldWithAcer here and in other countries.  Sara Geronimo also starred in a music video entitled "Live Your World" just like other artists from other countries, and to give you a glimpse of that, here it is on YouTube!


SB19 delivered! And from the looks of it, they had so much fun!

And who in the right mind wouldn't love KathNiel... you'll just have to stare at them and marvel how these lovebirds look good together on screen and in real life!

It's so nice, so fun to see how technology has broken barriers and made us closer to other talented people around the world. Acer Day was indeed a success and we can't wait to see how next year would be now that they've started something big like this here! For now, take advantage of the Acer Learn from Home promo they also mentioned so you can save Php 8,000 and get a tablet til August 15. That's enough time to convince you right? Congratulations Acer!


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