DAYAW Starts Their 11th Season: "Kakaibang Sigla"

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

ust got off the DAYAW event hosted by ANC and NCCA. This is their 11th season and talks about culture and people. Since we're just finished watching the Olympics, the documentaries will delve on movement and indigenous sports, energy, competitiveness, dance, music. Present during the occasion was NCCA Vice Head on Cultural Community Pablito Gonzales, Nadia Trinidad and Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda who's been championing the cause on environment and culture for years now.

Pablito Gonzales says "Fellow cultural workers, good afternoon. We believe Filipinos are all indigenous in some respect. Though we come from different backgrounds, our diversity are our unifying forces. We all come from different sectors, but we are united in culture and heritage which is Dayaw. With the excellent production of ANC, we look forward to this brand new season of the show. NCCA supports discussion, programs like these are information vessels for local and international audiences. As an IP advocate for almost two decades now, I'm impressed because even in the time of pandemic, our IP's are struggling selling products. Many have stopped, but they need a way to continue."

Nick Lizaso of NCCA says "We showcased sustainable practices of our indeginous people. We will learn enchanting movement and dances, to inspire our viewers for culture and heritage preservation. Let's invite more Filipinos to watch more seasons of Dayaw."

Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda says "This is "Kakaibang Sigla", a vital energy. Thank you to our partners in NCCA and ANC, despite all odds, we were able to record a lot up to 18 months inside the pandemic. You are all staunch partners in documenting of our schools of living tradition, of going to places that are not usually covered by media outlets. You are competent, professional, dedicated and passionate. I've been in television for 30 years, without our small team, we could have not done it alone. When Dayaw started, it was a passion project. Our manlilikha ng bayan awardees are national living treasures, some of them have passed, but we were able to document their lives and archived it on ANC. Rituals, traditions, knowledge, don't belong in schools in far flung areas and we were able to document that including dying crafts and indigenous skills. We are working on making them sustainable, connecting with DOLE, DTI, NCCA and building weaving centers, dyeing centers, Dayaw is and was a passion project. It has not remained one, it's a legacy project now. I wanted to ensure that all of these are correctly archived in ANC and NCCA. To each and every member of my team in ANC, I'm glad they have remained engaged and what passion have in legislation, and not stop documenting, economic livelihood for indigenous people. Shooting season 11 wasn't easy but we're glad we were able to do it before the pandemic started. We were shooting action sequences, a little different from the usual but we were able to do it. I have so many episodes to go back to, like Wang-od our oldest Mambabatok, and make sure our Kalinga community specifically Budbud tribe be treated fairly. Hopefully, for them not to be poor. We are showcasing them as traditional artists. Ordinary people, people who use social media, you may share information we do there for education. We will be uploading our Dayaw episodes and seasons on YouTube and perhaps do captions, Europeans, Americans, Southeast Asian nations. Thank you for being with us. I will file in October as a Senator, I will continue to help my province Panay and I will share my knowledge, God willing, next year."

Watch Dayaw on ANC, the ABSCBN News Channel at 6PM on Thursdays and replayed different times during the week thereafter. 


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