BINI and BGYO Hints International Gigs

Monday, August 30, 2021

BIG Plans were just announced for BINI and BGYO. This happened this afternoon during a mediacon with their management and Direk Lauren Dyogi of Star Magic.

Direk Lauren says "When they step on the world stage every Filipino will be proud of them. BINI and BGYO are really working hard, they're soldiers and they're part of Filipino youth that will be big, soon! We already have teasers for singles, it will be included on a new album. BGYO is going to have their The Baddest album out soon, new music videos, major events, trips abroad, concerts together as sibling crews and solo ones once things get better soon. They have invitations already to do it, hopefully sans restrictions it will happen." 

First international gig? Oh, these guys and gals are already packing their bags tonight (because of excitement). Direk adds "One Dream Concert of BINI and BGYO means they'll be back to back singing their songs, we'll see their stamina if they can do it. It's two different repertoir, probably sing around 40 songs and do collabs with other artists. BINI and BGYO are certainly ready for it." Direk Lauren also spills that they will be performing with a live band and collaborations, so that's huge!
Here's the mediacon on video earlier:

So stay tuned for the success of BINI and BGYO because yes, it's going to happen!


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