PETA's Rak of Aegis Presented by PLDT Home Fibr

Friday, August 06, 2021

omorrow is a nice day to just lounge around and see RAK OF AEGIS. I've watched in in PETA Theater a couple times and every instance I do, I feel like it's a new show. Since the pandemic hit, it's been a little difficult for productions to stage these shows because they needed to limit audience in physical events like that. This time, they did it online (July 31, August 1, August 7, August 8) so you've got about 2 days left for the staging this year.

I'm watching it tomorrow via Premium Video on Demand service of Ticket2Me for only Php 1,000. It's a lot cheaper than tickets I bought in PETA a few years back. Thanks to PLDT HOME because they're one of the sponsors of the show #PLDTHomeForYourArts.

I'm excited! If you want to watch the show, visit and get your tickets. There's one tomorrow and on the 8th so don't miss it!


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