Huawei Takes Part in Inclusive Integration of the Asia Pacific

Tuesday, August 03, 2021


A Huawei hosted conference over coffee recently talked about a topic called "Accelerate Digital Economy for Inclusive Integration in Asia Pacific – Connecting Digital Industries in Pandemic". It centers how to improve the ecosystem and promote working together so countries can leverage digital opportunities as we all work in the 4 corners of our home because of the pandemic. It was attended by different stakeholders from government, business, industrial and academic sectors.

Some have contributed their plans to remove trade barriers, so they can implement changes and become a remarkable player in the digital economy. Huawei wants to be part of ASEAN's digital master plan which includes ICT connectivity, discovering talent in the sector and preparing the ecosystem for it. It was graced by executives from Huawei including Jay Chen the Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific, his excellency Djauhari Oratmangun the Ambassador of Indonesia to China, Andrew Williamson the Vice President and Economic Advisor for Government Affairs of Huawei also served as Moderator. Resource speakers include Dr. Le Quang Lan the current Assistant Director and Head of the ICT & Tourism Division for the ASEAN Secretariat, Dr. Vo Tri Thanh the Director of the Institute for Brand Strategy and Competition of Huawei, Dr. Tan Khee Giap the Chairman of the Singapore National Committee For Pacific Economic Cooperation (SINCPEC) as well as the Philippines very own Dr. Alvin P. Ang, an Economics Professor from the Ateneo de Manila University and Prof. Jose Decolongon the COO & Managing Director of Corporate Foresight of Embiggen Consulting  and members of the media witnessed the event.

This will hasten economic recovery in a much faster rate especially when everyone is struggling with all the health restrictions. Hopefully, we will get there.


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