Huawei Set to Invest 100 Million USD in the Asia Pacific Region

Friday, August 06, 2021

uring the Huawei Cloud Spark Founders Summit, the company announced to invest over 100 Million USD for its Spark Program in order to build a startup ecosystem in Asia Pacific countries which includes the Philippines. This will be done in the next three years which would add to current projects done in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and soon in the countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This will benefit over 1,000 startup organizations and they'll get the additional initiatives in through the Spark Developer program, Spark Pitstop Program and Spark Innovation Program. It aims to nurture developer ecosystems powered by Huawei Cloud in the region and accelerate product development. They will aslo use this to faciliate enterprise innovation through the same means. They are aimin cloud plus cloud collaborations to improve the quality of business ecosystems and help talent of emerging tech startups in the region.

For those who don't know, Huawei themselves started with only 5,000 US Dollars about 34 years ago. This is what they are now doing in order to support startups in the region.


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