Alexander x Marucci

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marucci and Alexander Lee for AxM

My Korean Jagiya star Alexander Lee is making his presence felt with South Korean artist Marucci. This means you have two oppas in the Philippines to promote their music. This is their collaboration and will fall under AXM (Alexander x Marucci) and he is now back in Philippines releasing

Alexander Lee

Alexander says “This is the second one we want to release but this got first play, Keep Ya Head up is inspiring, deep, my past when I was doing show business. Life was hard, I struggled and I hope people remember No Failure is too Big for you to Handle. This will cheer you up!”

Marucci adds “I started my music career being inspired by 2pac, I wrote this song with people in mind, to lift them up, to remind them you did your best in your life.”

Alex and Marucci during the Philippine Independence day celebrations in Korea

You can now download the song via Melon, iTunes, Spotify, Mnet and other streaming services worldwide!

Rita Daniela also was there to support Alexander and AxM

It’s nice and a bit dramatic, refreshing actually.

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