Sindikato Management Starts Breaking Barriers

Friday, July 13, 2018

Seen most of them, heard them on the radio, but it was awesome to spend my evening with great artists and musicians at 12 Monkeys in El Pueblo Ortigas district. I guess this news is big, especially for those who are already familiar with their names, the individual artists and their music. One thing binds them all, they're called SINDIKATO and I wouldn't be surprised if people would be afraid with the mere mention of that. We're not talking about mafia here, but a company that does video production, short films, online content for music and ad projects, but now Artist Management. 

With the aim of managing the careers of some of the best bands and artists in the country - and making them a byword in an international stage, this crew just had the right amount of passion, gusto and drive to help them grow their craft. They promise to do bigger things now that they're under their wings - rather than just being a production house, they've already started to become movers and shakers in the industry.

Enzo Valdez of Sindikato says "I dreamed to be a director, an artist, and I shared this dream with him. With our team, we shared it too. We became friends with the musicians we worked with, we realized we missed collaborating with fellow artists. When we started someone investes on us, now we are a hub of artists and have that community to help you. We hope you have a lot of fun with the Sindikato artists."

In the short period of time we had in the press conference, I tried to see how these guys and gals differ. Artist FERN does electronic pop targeted to milennials, Unit 406 does opm cover songs, epic tunes and ballads (they did the track for Bagani, a top rating show in ABSCBN), Finding River Blindness delves on mellow melodic tunes, SUD does chill heartfelt opm, Hulyo sings heartbreaking ones, Ben&Ben does really great movie soundtracks and ride worthy music - and Callalily is Callalily (but with fresh tunes to boot with their new, fresh and young guitarist which kean says he helps them make the music youthful!). 

Talent management, bookings will now be handled exclusively with Sindikato and they will be helping with the marketing, financial aspects of their career. It's what they have been planning for, and in the coming months they hope to get international attention with their efforts, it's all they ask and expect from the stellar bands and individuals that they have in their roster. 

Big dreams, belief in their artists, will make them all become regulars in the world stage. 

If not today, it's going to be very very soon.

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