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Friday, July 13, 2018

Had so much fun asking questions last weekend with new Vlogger Pancake Hong. She's a South Korean native who also appeared in hit GMA Korean show My Korean Jagiya which ended a couple months back. Honestly I didn't know her prior to this so in a way I'm only getting to know her now just like you.

After working hard in a Korean Entertainment industry for a couple of years, she had this urge of finding her path and have always wanted to go back to the Philippines because she can talk in Filipino afterall. This skill wasn't put to good use while she did reporting in her own country and she felt it would be a waste not to use the Filipino language in Korea. She studied here for a few years and have remained in contact with friends, and I admire what she plans to do with her new YouTube channel.

Here’s our interview with the bubbly lady during her blog conference:

Pancake adds “Right now I will try my best to be a bridge between Filipinos and Koreans because I want to accomplish this in my Youtube channel. For sure a lot of pinoys have KPOP knowledge but I’m sorry to say Koreans know nothing much about the Philippines. I also talk in Korean so they can get to understand what my interviewees are saying, I am just starting so with this but it’s a nice way of doing that. I just finished uploading my time with EX BATTALION and they didn’t make me nervous, I must say they were all so kulit during that video shoot.”

With a positive attitude and urge to make a connection between South Korea an the Philippines, she’ll definitely go places. Please make sure you subscribe to her channel ( here ) and find a fun way to do interviews with the Philippines brightest celebrities because Pancake Hong is here!

She’s staying!

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