FQ The Nth Intelligence by Rose Fres Fausto

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Filled to the brim with banking and finance people (most of which are Atenistas I could tell), we got to witness the launch of Rose Fres Fausto’s newest book called Arm Yourself With 21st Century Skill - FQ, - The nth intelligence or what they call Financial Intelligence Quotient.

Albeit being an important of daily living, people tend to brush this off because of its complexity, but it is essential and an integral part of business and daily decisions. This book will exactly help in that. She says “I dream to actually have a book that would be able to create a healthy money mindset for everyone, one that would reboot one’s relationship with money and the basics of handling it. I also want to stress what the purpose of money is in our life, it’s to fulfill our core values. We also want to make FQ an important part of raising our children so their financial affairs won’t be a mess, no matter how successful they are in any field, so they can be stress free and truly happy. You must know how to Pay Yourself, Get Into Business where You Can Seek Advise From Competent People, Make Your Gold Work For You, all of which will be explained in the book.”

She adds “I am Ilocana, thrifty ones, raised frugal but happy and confident. I was dressed with colorful pieces off of excess textile from my sisters outfits. Now we watch our expenses like a hawk, our financial statements were enforced. This started my FQ experience, my kids now save and prepare for their future and taught them, exposed them on how money really works. Now they ask about how some people not prepare for their retirement, you on the other hand will dispell myths, talk about it while you are still young because money needs time to grow. It is a call for everyone to mind our FQ.”

The FQ: Nth Intelligence book is now available in leading bookstores for only Php 385. You may follow her channels FB and YT @FQMom, and IG and Twitter @theFQMom. You may also access the online FQ Test via rebrand.ly/FQTest.

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