5 More New Channels with ABSCBN TVplus

Monday, July 30, 2018

There are new channels in TV Plus and they call these #DagdagChannels, for starters they have the Asianovela Channel, showcasing the best Asianovela content in ABSCBN’s coffers to showcase on free digital tv these lovely shows tagalized. Goblin, Love in the Moonlight, Sensory Couple, it’s all there!

Second is for the Hollywood fanatics, an all English channel called Movie Central. Action, drama, comedy, fantasy, animated movies in one destination, to give you choices on digital TV. 

Third is Jeepney TV. A 24/7 bank of ABSCBN shows, classics where you can reminisce all over again. If you miss a show on live abscbn, you can see it again on Jeepney TV.

Fourth is music channel MYX where you can see celebrity MYX VJ’s, MYX shows, the best concerts, events and the best music in the Philippines. We know that right?

Fifth is for the shopaholic, of course all day shopping at OSHOPPING. The best deals, best new technologies and luxury items at a fraction of the cost. Lay away terms and cod? They can do that too, imagine the possibilities!

Now you’ve got more from ABSCBN TV Plus! 5 more channels to choose from and enjoy with friends and family. Ahhh thank you for the Dagdag Channels! This only costs 1,495 only and you can get them in a lot of partner stores, ABSCBN shops too!

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