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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mountain Climbing, a good activity in the alps!

Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall, if I were to choose between these seasons, I’d gladly choose Winter. The perks of modern day traveling these days are literally out of this world. Your wanderlust can take you to places of your dreams, landmarks that may have once be considered impossible for people to go to, but now is accessible for a fraction of the cost much like vacation rentals in breckenridge. These days, it’s not just the island adventures that count, you can make your vacations comfortable in ski resorts, the cold chilly places where you could do alpine activities the whole year round with your friends and family. People dream of snow, rushing down mountain slopes, ice karting, fat biking, zip lines, dog sledding and more. It’s something that people in the equator have never even seen, so if they wish for a chance in climate, a change of scenery, then this would be a good place to start.

In TV shows, we often see locals also do ice diving, wild adventures in cold zero temperatures that even adrenaline junkies would completely enjoy. Hiking up the mountains with snow shoes, small workouts that can even make you healthy, I would have that - and some time for dog sledding so we could enjoy the crystal white landscapes that would make my ski holiday the perfect one.

To relax the mood, I’d rather sit, chill with a glass of champagne and see the view. It gives us that relaxing mood that puts our mind at ease, so we can rest from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life. We could spend a little more on indoor stuff, a luxurious refuge like pools, a few minutes in the sauna (which also helps for health btw!) and steam rooms so we could tone down, feel better. It’s like a reset button, takes our mind off of things then face reality later on, ready to work even more so we could achieve our dreams. We all owe that to ourselves of course!

We also would be able to play, build a snowman, remember when we were kids where we thought everyone else lived in an igloo? I’d like to experience that too. These days, hotels do custom travel packages that can do exactly that, the more posh ones build temperature controlled structures so you can see the skies above, which makes more stars visible - pitch black scenes would look like black velvet backdrafts with shiny diamonds here and there.

To get there I'd prefer a direct flight, if not maybe short transfers. I'd like to stay in a hotel that looks like a chalet, or perhaps a smaller, more compact place where I have access to everything. I also want those small ski areas that are easy to get around, a very family-friendly accommodation. I have friends who also have minor kids, it would be great to have childcare options. We also want lift pass and equipment offers so the kids won't be bored while we're there to stay. Maybe they also need free access to nursery slopes, it's not going to be easy seeing them mixing around with the adults, it would be dangerous if they didn't have professional instructors or adult supervision.

It would be also great to experience the local culture, if not to live with the locals, perhaps a visit to the town or market would do. It’s practical to get to know these places first so you get a grasp of what the country identity is like, I think that is interesting. You’ll also understand their ways and apply the good ones when you learn something new, bring it back home and tell their stories. I think it makes you grow as a person, as a citizen of the world.

Oh and let’s not forget about the food. It’s not just hot cocoa and marshmallows when the temperature drops. This is the time when you have to let the guns out, make hearty warm meals like baked pastas, meat stews and pies. I distinctly remember my family preparing their best versions of Mac and Cheese, take the strides preparing the ingredients and make use of the slow cooker and do Lasagna with tons of cheese (which I prefer over anything else). I also dig the hot southern spiced fried chicken and cornbread, the beef stew, the chicken pot pie, meatloaf, deep dish pizza, spaghetti and meatballs our Mom used to make. I can make a mean steak done medium, mozzarella stuffed pork chops, lobster cheddar soup and warm buttery mashed potatoes that I put a drop or two of truffle oil just to make things better. What’s there not to love with winter?

There are a ton of destinations out there that have snow - I’m going to one of them this coming October and making preparations as early as now. In a nutshell, I have to make plans to meet people, see how they live, know their history, experience the touristy stuff, then the less touristy ones, plus the ones where you discover that the world is huge. You may not end up traveling in each of the countries in your bucket list, but do the ones that would make you happy. Our happiness stems from experiencing these all with our friends and family. I am happy to have gone to a few and live to tell the others at home about it. Even with sharing of stories you get to let them understand that nothing is impossible and you are proof of it.
That’s just the start. Thanks to you, they too will have wanderlust!