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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Good news guys!

I just received a reply from the foodie event organizer about my enthusiasm in joining the event on September and it seems that things are getting a little bit smoother. They have not yet finalized the venue so there are still some matters for them to arrange, but just the thought of them replying to my email this morning means I have got a huge chance of going to this event. Check out her reply…

Hi Troy!

We are still finalizing the venue and will keep you posted if we can invite you to join.
Thank you for your interest to be one of the tasters!


On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 7:08 AM, TROY wrote:

Ms. Rache,

Hi there! I'm TROY a photographer and owner of KUMAGCOW.COM and would like to let you know my interest in attending this upcoming food event. I have written a couple of food reviews in my site and would really love to get to know foodies like me and the great food new establishments would like to offer. If there is an RSVP please let me be number one on that list.




See what I mean? It really pays to ask people. Now that this has been really positively received from the organizers, I don't think there would be anything else that they could tell me to stop wishing to go there. I will go there by hook or by crook heheh. Not unlike that Goldilocks event by Nuffnang where they suddenly had emailed me about an attendee list of some sort. I was not able to go there because of that. This will be one event I will not miss. Surely gonna be another event food will not be wasted! hahahah!


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