Back to the Gym

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today marks my 7th day of not going to the gym so being the stubborn boy that I am I'm planning to go back today so I wouldn't tell myself that I only pay 2 thousand bucks for nothing at Fitness First. I better get serious too with my diet because I saw some pictures from yesterday's photoshoot that I have not been a bit thinner than when I last saw myself. I better get back into shape else I would be sickly like last week. I guess there is such a thing as over fatigue because I felt that way this week. My body aches a lot and I couldn't move without noticing I need to rest every once in a while. I should have gone some place more quiet and convenient. Or maybe I need a massage like when my Dad used to. I guess I was not satisfied with any massages I bought because they were too soft. Hey! I'm a big guy so it is quite pathetic to see people press joints and body parts when they could not even press it that much right?

I don't know if I need a wrestler to at least get something out of my system but I need one fast. Maybe I'll try going to some massage establishments and try some of their experts if it would turn out they could do better than my Dad. I hope Dad's okay though even if I ask him a lot these days to massage my back. Geeze, I wonder what could I do next.

Hey, I forgot, here is a photo from last Sunday's shoot. The models were great and the workshop was even better!

Courtesy of Ms. Bambit Gaerlan here is the Group Hug!



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GEM said...

Hi michael john bueno. Nandito ka ba sa group picture nyo? Nice models.