My First Photowalk Alone =/

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today, I'm not going to work out because I found out this morning I could not lift any more weights because my body can only do much. Everywhere else in my body spelled body ache and pains. The need to rest probably surfaced just this morning when I took a chance in lifting 70-80lbs of dumbbells as a part of my routine. It hurt so bad that I had to re evaluate if I can really lift em easily as I had before.

Aside from that, I brought along "Trish" (My Camera) so I can take pictures of the street later after I log out. I admittedly am not was good in street photography; so I am taking chances when I go to the streets of Cubao later.

I know I have to shoot mostly in black and white. Either that or on a heavily contrasted colored tone. I saw some shots that were mixed with sepia and black and white so I might give that thing a try. Then probably I can do color isolation like I did the other day with the model shoot. I don't know what to tell people though when I suddenly take photos of them. I wish it was easy darn it! LOL... I need all the luck in the world so make sure you get me into your prayers too! Thanks!


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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i love photography din..pero ang camera ko medyo luma na.hihi!
tila 2005 ata ko pa nabili yon pero di ko muna sya papalitan kc iyon ang unang digi cam na nabili ko sa aking salary ^_^ may senti..

galing mo kumuha! and nice ng quality ng camera mo ^_^ great job! ^_^