The Stories Are Real

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I do not watch horror movies that much for fear of having them in my dreams the night after. I had a few nightmares already and I feel that this is just not healthy. Though I really like the way my friends shriek inside the cinemas, I laugh at them every now and then. There was this one time I felt the story was so real on TV I spilled food and soda all over the living room; little did I know it was the truTV effect. It is completely mind blowing how it can cause physical and emotional effects to anyone who sees it. Because it is real, you are going to be affected... you might end up taking more than half of the actual experience the people inside the video are feeling.

I just took a short break from work this afternoon but I ended up glued to the Halloween Heist episode done by the Masterminds. I forgot to even buy a cup of coffee that time because I was already shaking of nervousness from that episode. Call me weird; call me a sissy but I'm sure if you take a couple of minutes watching these shows they have available, you will end up on the same psychiatric ward that I am enjoying. Ha-ha just joking!

Take a break from your hectic schedule today and make it a habit to watch that truTV video we love. Ask your friends to join in too so they would remind you how you initially had fun reacting to shows from the one and only TRUTV.



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Superjaid said...

i actually never watch horror films especially if its made by japanese, cause it really scare me to death..hahaha horror movies make me wanna close my eyes and ears forever..Ü