Under Pressure!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I think I would really hate myself if I missed episodes of BLACK GOLD from the TRUTV Actuality Series. It is on its second season and I was so excited to finally see it last August 19. I was really at awe how these men survive day to day. Every oil rig, drill and well derrick they excavate every day spelled danger for their lives and families. It takes a lot of guts to be in their shoes. I would never look at Diesel and Gasoline the same way ever again. I thought my work was tough in the air conditioned small corner office but OMG I was wrong. Getting dangerous and dirty shows how a true blue rough neck lives in truTV BLACK GOLD.

When these three men managed Rig 28, I was not quite so sure they are going to be able to do it because CHESTON was not that much getting used to the life of a rough neck yet. If I had some parts to like, it was the thought of Gerald Williams getting so frustrated over this city boy's incompetence with the situations on this rig. If only his Mom and Dad knew he would end up like this they would not probably agree on letting him go to West Texas in the first place. I think it is more of a calling if you end up with this job. I wonder how I would have felt if we traded places with one of the truTV BLACK GOLD characters. If that would have happened then someone might have gotten hurt. It could more likely be me! This is just not a career for anyone... you need to be like Gerald who lives and breathes rough. Even if he was a veteran at this, he still wanted to do everything safely or they could all lose their jobs and lives.

Black Gold has shown me a lot. To experience extreme temperature, pressure and conditions just for work; not to mention be good at it is quite phenomenal. I would love to do this sometime soon but I think it's safer to stay behind the table for now. I am sure truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare would not be able to pay for my hospital bills. I have never seen anything so REAL in television than this one. I am one hell of a fan!



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