RICO BLANCO, Thursday @ Eastwood

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just this morning I was watching the events unfold on the upcoming food event from another website I follow called http://www.awesomeplanet.com. I was wishing I could attend their foodie event come September since I am leaning towards food photography too aside from the usual Model/Fashion/Glamor Photography I have been doing for the past few months since Trish (my Nikon D60) arrived. I really want to go to this one specifically because I had to make sure my food writing and critique skills be put to the test. The cow in me has been eating that much these days that it would be beneficial for both of us to give it a shot. I already did a review on STACKERS and a few other restaurants in Eastwood. I also did Pho Hoa from Tomas Morato so if it turns out that I like this like I like it now, it will be a regular thing for me and my readers.

Tomorrow it will be another day so I have to get them clickers ready so I can practice doing Food Photography. Not to mention EVENTS because next Thursday, August 27, 2009 Rico Blanco will be in Eastwood for a small concert. I'm surely going to be there!


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