Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since I want to blog today and I have too many things on my mind right now, I would like to start with the things I did this week. This will be a series of things that I am thinking about so stay tuned because there will be more of this!

1. I started Restaurant City in Facebook! Yeah I know how late I am because most probably everyone has already played that game... and I feel so lame but who cares!! I like playing things like these now!

2. Learned that Chris Brown just got sentenced. According to his people, he was sentenced 5 years on probation and community service also. I wonder what particular thing he'll be doing, I hope he goes to some home for the aged... oh wait, he might beat them up too ^_^

3. Some people are still spreading rumors about Beyonce and her Mom dying from a plane crash. Apparently, nobody saw their plane leave or land anywhere but MYSPACE LOL

4. Heard my boss will be in town next week, have not seen him in person for the last few years... I wonder what he really looks like in person... thanks for the promotion though! I'm so happy about that! (^_^)

5. I'm still post processing the photos from last weekend's shoot. Wanna see some of them? Here you go:


6. My Lovelife sucks! What's new! hahah



rozy said...

nice girl bro

Cacai M. said...

ooh whatta girl! is she your girlfriend?

About Beyonce and her mom, ooh whatta shocking news! Beyonce is one of my fave but Halle Berry is my no.1! yayks!

And ooh about Chris Brown, should I say "At last he will be jailed"?

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! great shot! parang pang cover magazine ang dating ha! ^_^
galing galing naman! ^_^