An Answered Prayer

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I saw my Dad pressing those buttons profusely to get to another sports channel he enjoys watching in the afternoon. It would have been easy to do that if we did not have 4 TV sets, 3 DVD players and a play station II console. Not to mention the sound system and the couple of speakers we have spread across the living room that use these remote controls. He ended up throwing that out of frustration... and I guess tomorrow I'll be buying another one of those universal remote controls that do not work when you need it.

Different brands, different frequencies, radio wave or infra red we do not have the capability to understand all these complicated and technical things just to be able to switch channels. I hate to spend a couple hundred dollars just to buy a more complicated remote that would not work because you need to decipher hundreds of codes. Since I am the more technical one, I end up getting frustrated too when Mom and Dad asks me to do it for them.

Lo and behold our prayers have been answered! With the use of just one remote to control them all, life would be really easy. They just released the new Yamaha neoHD and this one just gets everything working. The DVD, TV and radio is a cinch to control with just minimal control buttons customized for ease of use. I want to get that thing into my hands now.

They also launched the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes for those who want to get this for free! I love them so more since they made it easier for me to get one. My dear readers, try to find them on face book and tell me why do you need the new NEOHD? Are you going to enter the contest like I did? Comments are welcome!



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