Dangerous Black Gold

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Imagine being put into a situation where your life is at stake. You battle huge fires, enjoy dirty, filthy clothes, men sweating, hard labor, huge drills, wells and derricks just to get a glimpse of that BLACK GOLD everybody is looking for.

In this lifetime where everyone is dependent on oil, we all wish we could look for that spot where you can get millions of barrels of oil so you can sell them to the highest bidder. Texas is filthy rich of this particular ingredient we use for any petroleum based products, but nobody knows the danger and hardships that go between getting that and pumping it into your car's engine. I'm sure if a lot of them already perished during just the exploration, there is more to see in this particular episode from truTV's Black Gold which premieres August 19th at 10p/9c and with all new episodes Wednesdays at 10p/9c.

If I were one of the rough neck men that are put into these hard and hot places, I would probably faint just seeing explosions here and there. At the sight of fires bigger than me, I would be one sissy looking under that hot sweltering sun. I would not survive being part of truTV's Black Gold drilling because it would be too hard even for a big guy like me. It would take guts and a lot of fire trucks to hose me down. You can really imagine that you are in that particular place and state because of the real life television program they make. You should watch that truTV's Black Gold trailer so you know how it feels. Only TRUTV does that!



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Bonsai Makisig said...

dont worry about yosi sa davao regulated lang just like makati, mas strikto nga lang sa davao.

There are a lot of places na pwede ka magyosi,,,,

Bawala lang ang mahuhuli.lols