Beyonce is NOT DEAD

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is weird, I have received about 10 text messages this morning which all contain preposterous news about Beyonce being dead. Of all the things people could joke about at this time, it was not a thing I could let pass. I immediately searched for it in the Internet and all I could read about was rumors and posts from social networks... which all mean one thing. It is NOT TRUE!

I would be really offended if someone did spread rumors about me if I was alive and kicking but they tell other people that I am dead. Death in the first place is not a joking matter. I hope the people who started this rumor know what they are doing because they can also be charged in court and be liable to damages both morally and emotionally. I wonder how Sasha Fierce would feel about this. Not only is she the extroverted and powerful one of her legendary on stage personalities, it even became the other half of her album which is now on top of the charts.

I wish people could just stop and think about what they are doing with other people. I wish they would be more responsible about telling stories like these in the Internet. The last message I received included her Mom on it too. This is just a bad joke! Grrr... a real retard move!


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