The Plans for the Weekend: Another Major Photoshoot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google @ Intramuros (previous shoot of D60KREW)

This weekend will be great since I will be part of the KREW that will organize this shoot. we went on an ocular inspection of the place a few weeks ago and agreed to have this shoot on the third week of August. Guess what? It is already the thrid week so this will push through. I contacted the ever reliable Boss Andy and asked about the details of the shoot.

The concept is still HIGH FASHION (one that I have been doing for a couple of shoots now!), the models will be using gowns/long dresses/PUNK outfits. The location of the shoot is very picturesque right in the heart of SHAW/Mandaluyong area, it's an abandoned building, it has character and geometric shapes because of its raw cement exteriors... and... it has a huge view of city scapes (San Juan and Makati Area) and the Golf Course (Wack Wack Golf and Country Club) at the back so be careful we might get hit by golf balls (not a joke!).

We might need additional lighting (so I hope the KREW and Digital Katipuneros bring em all!) coz it is a little dark on some floors while the top one would be great for some day/night shots. It would be probably scheduled around mid to late afternoon since the wind, shadiness and ambiance would be perfect around that time. This is going to be big since Andy would like to have this shoot with Digital Katipuneros... sort of a joint venture... we'll have 6 models 5 girls and a guy(probably Google). I hope you guys are excited as I am!

I hope the whole D60KREW and Digital Katipuneros will come. This will be a riot!


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