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Friday, July 16, 2010

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I party hard. That's where the girls are at and when I say we're going to rule the clubs and pubs at night I make sure I leave a mark. I love to get drunk but don't get me wrong; I do it for the right things. After a hard week of sitting in front of the computer dealing with clients here and in the UK I know how to relax and unwind. I grab every opportunity to get the best tasting, ice cold beer when I get the chance. The crisp feeling you get every time you get a sip out of this cold beverage is something that I always look forward to every day of the week. I also love house and trance music. Hearing that beat pound, plus the cold beer, and the little talks with the ladies; make me a happy boy indeed. It makes me realize that it pays to be a single guy in this day and age. I get the chance to party with the best crowd, listen to the best music and bands. That is what DJ CHEEBA can do with beer taps and a couple of hundred of LED lit bottles. If there was a DJ to be idolized in the club circuits, this guy takes art and music into a whole new level! I am really impressed!

BECK'S VIER is special. They take their Music Inspires Art Program to unparalleled heights. Imagine the talent and technology that has gone into each configured beer tap just to produce immeasurable awesome sound that would be the delight of anyone watching the spectacle. I am just at awe! Take a look at it and you'll know why I love the concept. All the things I go out in the clubs for were right in front of me. I think I'll try getting a DJ as excellent as that when my birthday comes. I would also get the best, great tasting beer that comes with it too! I would get that beer below zero and have a really good time with my friends and that old BECKS VIER! Let's drink to that!

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