Party Preparations Start Now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I know how to throw parties and as a matter of fact I have hosted a lot of them over the year. The pain of preparing for something out of the ordinary is the one that makes or breaks it. If there are some instances of craziness you can always say it is excusable. I love the part where we often dress up in costumes. I throw that twice a year either on Halloween or another holiday I can think of. Everyone complies too and it would not be such a phenomenon to see someone in Scooby Doo Costumes or Shaggy for that matter. I also put in some mystery games when I do it in large houses. It makes the event extra special!

I would not stop my friends from coming over, get drunk or dress up whatever they want just as long as they have fun. I don't let the drivers drink of course! Believe me I have actually hooked up a lot of friends in parties that I host and I'm not in the mood to stop now. I have one next month and preparations start as early as now. Do you know how I can integrate Toga's in the next one? I need a lot of white sheets too so its going to cost me a lot. If I am lucky I can get my former classmates to join in too. It has been twenty years since we met so if that isn't reason enough to get this party started; I just don't know what else is! It is also going to be extra special because of the costumes! Let's get this party started!


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