Between Iron Man and Mortal Kombat

Friday, July 02, 2010

Here I go back again to my habits of playing out of the blue. I held my psp in the middle of the week and downloaded some new games. It was Iron Man 2 and the ever favorite fighting game Mortal Kombat. Let me start by telling you a little about how the Iron Man 2 game works.

Iron Man 2 is actually based from the movie of the same title. In this particular game Tony Stark definitely resembles his movie actor and gets all the humor in between. The graphics are nice however it would have been more easier if they all started doing something about the flying capability. It wasn't that nice if he could only do it on 2 floors right? The repulsor blaster also had its pros and cons but it did the job every now and then. I never got through finding how he would actually die in the game because the life indicator was complicated and never really shown the health of Iron Man. You can also choose what armor to have after the second part. Although it would be a pain not to use the main character because you have upgraded it after all. All the upgrades would be done right after a chapter. The story flow would actually lose you in translation because if you are lost in the map it would be doubly hard for you to find your way back into the story. Yes there are clues but an arrow would have been very right to do. All in all the game is a 2 out of 5 kumags but I'll still play it!

The Mortal Kombat version for the PSP is called Unchained. No its not melody because of all the things that will be included, the gore and blood is still going to be evident. It's the violent falls and deaths they do to themselves on some instances via hara kiri that is quite entertaining. If you are a bub like me who love gore and violence you wouldn't be disappointed because it is the only thing it can offer. Controls are shown but how can you do that with fat fingers like I have on a combo. I can press em but the response time in a PSP console was not really being given a chance. I wish there was some way to make it all better. I love fighting games and I hope there are new titles to play like Marvel vs Capcom and the titles after that. I love the video they released of it though because the guy from Devil May Cry is on it. I'm excited!

Mortal Kombat will get the same rating as with Iron Man because pretty soon I'll be bored with it so 2 out of 5 kumags will do.

In the meantime watch this.


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