I Give My First Love to You

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sounds kinda confusing how this post ended up here huh?! Well let's say I've been watching something the past few days. A Japanese movie of the same title. I don't want to give away the plot of the story but it is kind of a drama where you first don't get it but glad you went through watching the whole thing. I'm not into these kind of movies but to tell you honestly I liked it a lot. If you are however going to watch this on youtube don't read the comments since they all want to be spoilers from the get go.

Try to start from this first episode. It all starts with the cute kids and their promises for each other. See how they get through life and love while facing the reality of death. I think that about sums it up but please do take some time to watch it. If this were a book I'm sure it would also be a hit. I've been watching Japanese movies from way back and I think this really is a good one. Rated PG though because there are some scenes not intended for children. It's for teens probably in Japan. If that was their target audience I'm sure a lot of them would have cried. I didn't but hey its still a good thing to watch!


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pusangkalye said...

amazing---- I am deeply moved. people should see this. I will share it in facebook ha...thanks for posting this