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Friday, July 30, 2010

I am a trained Red Cross volunteer and it has been a passion for me to be here since I was in 7th grade. Imagine the number of years I've spent with peers and medical professionals. I'm not in that field since I got a Computer Engineering degree in college instead. Although a geek, I never stopped going to various organizational causes that the PRC starts. If you know how it feels to help someone in need when disaster or calamities strike then you probably have a clue of what I'm talking about. The importance of disaster preparedness and providing health care to the less fortunate should be a priority of every public or private corporation. I always make it a point to do my share and help out. I also try and educate my friends by exposing them to activities like medical missions and relief operations. The local government and my own congressman are putting funds to make sure their constituents are well taken care of. This is one lesson we shouldn't forget because if you got healthy people, your workforce is also the same.

They also got me to take charge of the first aid supplies. In some instances we have to even travel 6 hours by foot in order to reach remote areas in the province since there are no formal roads built for them yet. It is a hard task but if there is no effort from the government and foundations that dedicate time and resources; they would not be able to survive. In times of natural disasters, calamities where lives are at stake we all need to help out each other. Getting them proper protective equipment and materials to save more lives is necessary to prevent the inevitable. I feel the need to get more people involved by sharing what I have and getting the information out. God made us human so we could think and fend for ourselves; and that includes getting the best supplies for these situations. Places like would be a great place to start! They've got one of the best sets I've ever seen so if you want to start and help please get us one of these!

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