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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today I think it is but a good thing to learn about what I do for a living. I need to analyze a few things before I start the whole work related subject I am going to discuss about on this post. I am in management so I'm going to try and discuss this without going overboard and the private details of where I work. Let's get the basics first:

Personal Needs

What are my personal needs?! What are the personal needs of my people?! It is going to be a balance between the salaries, perks and everything else they are going to get in exchange for the work they do. If these are reasonable enough and the projects are not having negative income then it would be okay. The problem areas would be the unaccounted over time pays and work rendered. Aside from that, it would be the adjustments for payment annually. Facilities like computers and resources like Internet are also volatile.

Practical Needs

From my point of view, the practical needs are also almost the same with personal needs. Since I have already made a point of streamlining operations, they almost come up to be the same as the resources indicated under that. Problem areas are natural disasters, operational expenses and holidays. Out of the budget allocations are there but out of the question usually.

Interaction Process
An open door policy is still in tact. Relationships and work related cooperation are highly suggested. Anything that would be able to get things rolling as far as execution is concerned should be relatively free. If the process in place concerns a positive revenue for the business then it is good. Personal interaction among co employees would be uncontrollable though.

Key Principles

Principles?! I ask myself that every now and then. I guess my principles change according to the situation at hand. Variable but not overboard. It is also within limits and achievable. If there is a time to be adventurous then it would also apply. It's not going to be that preposterous looking with other people but still impressive.

Process Skills

Skill set is upgraded every time there is a chance to do so. Expertise lie on training and resources that could go with that thought. There is an existing fraction of a cost in operation which goes to this particular segment. Although there are no externally hired individuals doing this as of now, management styles can be taught and done a certain way. It also differs from person to person. Problem areas would be how they are going to be accepted as internally learned concepts and if there is actual data or information sufficient enough to be considered as an area of expertise.

Discussion Planner

There are only a couple of areas that need to be inculcated with your peers and followers. There are only certain areas where they could all learn. Planning how to get the job done and achieve higher than expected output is tantamount to impress clients and get successful in any business. The more your client trusts you the more they will in turn have investments done.

Pretty impressive for a few minutes of brainstorming ha-ha!


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