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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I often complain about how my life ended up like this but I'm not complaining why I'm currently single. There are a lot of things that I got to think about because of this situation and in retrospect one of them is how to keep a lasting relationship. I confuse myself most of the time but it all boils down to pleasing the woman in your life. This concept is simple yet complicated but I don't argue with what's natural. There might be a couple of exceptions here and there but if you think about it they are not that different at all. You have to get them flowers every once in a while and you have to treat them right. You also need to figure out how complicated their world is and squeeze in buying rustic bedroom furniture so you have that hint of a marrying type of person. I'm no relationship expert but when it comes to getting a point across I think I have so much experience in that department.

There is also certain nostalgia about giving people high ticket items such as furniture. It comes to them as a security blanket so you won't fear they would be just left hanging anytime. I usually buy them when the time comes to live together. You get to see how she is in her natural environment. I also get to see how different she is after the dating phase where you mostly see only the best foot forward. In hindsight, you get to have your apartment or house redecorated with the best natural wood which I love so much in that shabby chic feel I usually see in lifestyle channels. I love how my room ends up even after the relationship fails. I get to have what I need on investment furniture and have my partner happy at the same time. It's hitting two birds with one stone; who am I to complain?! So make sure you get them that bar or bed you love when the need arises. I got the best of both worlds and you should too!


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pusangkalye said...

nice idea....just make sure though that when the relationship is over, you still get to keep all those firnitures or any investments for that matter. if not----that would be doubly traggic.hehe