Blogetery Back From Cemetery

Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you are one of the users of Blogetery you might be in for a surprise. The service provider has been ordered to have the service back again and this means the owner will be given a copy of around 70,000 users blogs since they were shut down a couple of months ago due to accusations of violations in its terms of service. The Russian owner Alexander Yusupov is seeking help of lawyers in this long battle and I'm sure the 5th Amendment will come to play since it was shut down without informing the owner and was only doing it with FBI authorities.

A lot of questions came into mind. Was public safety really in question here?! There are some links to bomb making sites as accorded by the FBI but these are probably mere accusations. They should have given him time to have it moderated and at least a chance to have the offenders taken off like most blog hosts would do but to suspend the whole 70,000 population is just preposterous. Why in the world were they given authority to do that?! Where is free speech in this sense?! I know there will be some people that would gladly take the case and get him paid dearly. Site owners should know their rights and I hope this guy gets the proper amount of money from damages he incurred in the business. After all he did probably put that up for the same reason, just business and nothing else. If there were unscrupulous individuals doing the links then they should have been just suspended and had him informed about it.


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