Proud to have Yellow Cards

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am so humbled to be of service in this government of President NOY and I will do my best to be a great part of this change he wants to inculcate to his countrymen. I also wanted to have my own yellow business cards so everything would jive to the symbolism of hope and change in his regime. I want to be a part of the solution by doing my job well and that requires so little effort since I have been doing that for the last 6 years of my professional life.

I remember the time when I met some of my former colleagues in Social Security and my former boss asked me if I had a business card so we can get together sometime soon. I immediately panicked and checked my wallet for some extras but lo and behold I didn't have any. I was really humiliated and felt very unprofessional that exact moment and wished that I had those unique ones I saw on line. That would have been impressive with the titles and all.

If I had myself inspired with the President's official color and the great attitude towards change in the government then I would be the envy of my peers. Envy in a good way that they will try their best in whatever they do even in the private sector. If I had my way I'd be getting mine customized since I want to represent a generation of people. Yellow is my color of choice, you should do the same!


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