Neophyte Congressman Juan Carlos "Arjo" Atayde Files 6 Bills at Terms Start

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Our good looking boy Arjo Atayde is now officially Quezon City's 1st District Congressman as he took his oath at the EVM Convention Center at Central in Quezon City. During this momentous event, he was with fellow congressmen, respective city councilors, Vice Mayor Gian Sotto and lovely Mayor Joy Belmonte. The inauguration was officiated by Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo and was witnessed by Arjo's proud father Art Atayde and gorgeous actress Ria Atayde (Arjo's sister). Ria also took Bible Bearer responsibilities for the occasion.

Arjo has garnered over 112,457 votes in Quezon City's 1st District, an overwhelming win that composed almost 67% of total votes from his constituents. Congressman Arjo also has hit the ground running (and working) as he also filed several bills he always talked about even before the campaign trail.

For starters is HB 457 that aims to declare Quezon City asn the Film and TV Arts capital of the country, HB 458 which aims to upgrade existing QC Gen Hospital into a Medical Center, HB 459 which is a bill about occupational safety for artists and workers in the movie and TV sector, HB 460 that is a bill that prohibits discrimination against genders, expressions, and its penalties (SOGIE), HB 461 which is the magna carta for Barangay Health workers, and lastly the HB 462 with the aim of putting up the Philippine Virology Science and Technology Institute and appropriate funding for it.

Hopefully, these would all be met, amended, voted on and passed in the congress. He's most probably planing on delivering this fast, and put those which he plans to prioritize this term done not just for his constituents, but the Filipino people. He also met recently with Mayor Joy Belmonte to align with her programs, I bet that's a pretty good start.

Congratulations Congressman Juan Carlos "Arjo" Atayde! I wonder how this will affect his acting projects and international career, but more excited about how his public service pan out in the next few years.


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