Monsoon Season Won't Ruin Your Tagaytay Highlands Experience

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

When it's summer, people flock to cold regions in the Philippines and the closest one from the metro is Tagaytay. During monsoon months, people think it might be a different story but no, lucky are those who live in Tagaytay Highlands because they're still enjoying the cold weather without compromising food, entertainment, activities in the area.

Theirs is a whole refuge perfect for rest and recreation, the complex itself has several walkways and unbelievable vistas overlooking the world renowned volcano and lush vegetation plus a golf course that could rival the best in the world. From Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club and Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club, you can hit a tee or two to further your skills, or just have it be your time to relax after a whole week of working in the city. After all, it'll take you a while to conquer a 27-hole exclusive golf course, and perhaps months to get used to as it is very challenging.

For adrenaline junkies, there's several mountain trekking activities that you and your family could do plus several gustatory destinations as Tagaytay Highlands have restaurants serving the best Filipino dishes, dry aged steak, dimsum, that come from heirloom recipes and served for you. If you work in different time zones, there's several 24/7 establishments that can serve comfort food, coffee, that you and your loved ones could feast on if needed be. All can be found at Midlands Golfers Lounge or the stores at Gourmet Avenue.

Members, residents and guests are assured that you are secure and safe in this place and has been proven so by the safety seal that Tagaytay City Government awarded last year. With a heavily awarded real estate developer SM Prime Holdings, they continue to serve and uphold safety standards so everyone remains safe inside the property. Who wouldn't want to go here right? World class facilities, dreamy place, a place you can also call home soon. That's Tagaytay Highlands for you!


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