VIVAMAX: "TAHAN" When Things Take A Dark Turn

Sunday, July 17, 2022

We went in the cinema of Gateway Mall for the screening of the film TAHAN, a movie which will be shown solely on streaming platform VIVAMAX. Cloe Barreto plays the role of Elise, a woman who was forced to work in the high end escort industry; she started at a very young age. To provide for herself and her Mother, she had to seek clients for pay to do all their wishes. She falls prey to different kinds of folks, some kind, some abusive, which puts her in the brink of losing hope.

Her relationships are all complicated, but it pays the bill. Although in a rut, she does several encounters to feel she's the dominant one, being served as she doesn't have that on normal days. She also got into vices, so she could forget about what’s happening. She also gets involved with a guy (a former high school fling) played by JC Santos (also multi awarded actor). He represents her way out, her wishing to change ways, but all fails as she gets sold and forced by her Mom; depicted by 2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose. The film also stars Mercedes Cabral, Karl Medina, EJ Salamante, AJ Oteyza and Jet Delgado. Quinn Carillo wrote this film, but also stars in it as the protagonist's best friend. 


Talented writer and actress Quinn Carillo who slayed the script!

Cloe Barreto plays Elise


AJ Oteyza, Quinn Carillo plays interesting characters

JC Santos plays Cloe's high school sweetheart. What will become of him when things go south?

Not to patronize her, but Quinn really put the needed shocking twists in the script of this film. Although it delved on content appealing to men, Director Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. made risky creative interpretation to make Quinn's script come alive. It felt like a long dream sequence, one that takes all the things she probably feared the most to happen on screen. If you think about it, this movie is matriarchal in nature, on how their relationships and dynamics work... until things take a dark, dark turn.

All in all, this is a showcase of talented actors. Cloe Barreto has really leveled up her acting chops straight from her other projects like "Silab". Aside from that, JC Santos presents a different persona who still has to tell their story. They were high school sweethearts who lost touch. This may also open up a lot of possibilities, a prequel, another installment, which can be possible since the story asks for it. As expected, Madame Jaclyn Jose proved why she's world class. She's very generous, and let Cloe shine when she needs to in the film. I'd be really surprised if this didn't snatch an award from different festivals which they plan to do soon. Here's some videos I made of the presscon which happened after the screening:

You can watch this movie solely on the VIVAMAX app, you can download it off, Google Play or the App Store. Payment is a monthly subscription which you can do on the website, or various digital wallets. It can also be accessed in countries like UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar or elsewhere in Europe where available. You can also download it on East and Southeast Asian countries, New Zealand, Australia, the US and Canada. Having this be accessed worldwide, it's already doing the deed of introducing Filipino films worldwide. Congratulations to the cast and production of TAHAN and I'm glad plans for another film from the same production will be in the works soon.

 This film is sick, and I LOVE IT!

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