LG RECONNECT 2022: Experiencing New LG Monitors in Real Life

Saturday, July 23, 2022

You can't say it's immersive without experiencing it all so the folks at LG Philippines got us all to see it in action with the latest models of monitors, TV sets and even a real deal transparent monitor at the recent LG RECONNECT 2022 event at the Podium Mall in Pasig City.

They also worked with the largest distributor of IT brands in the country VST-ECS Phils. to see how much of the international companies work with the best monitors LG has and use it for different scenarios. For starters, gaming, office work, presentations, photo and video editing, telephony, video conferencing (yes I see you Cisco, the Meraki setups were sick!), having it with different accessories (Logitech), and working in different environments (again with different brands), still LG fits the bill.

Thank you for the fun afternoon, the entertainment and the experience of having these LG Monitors used in different scenarios. I am eyeing that monitor that Magic Liwanag is using for photo and video editing, I just have to look at some of the great things that LG offers. And I bet, I'll be sharing the experience of doing that in a few days. Stay tuned!


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