MARIANE OSABEL (The CLASH Season 4 Champ) Releases New Single "Pira Piraso"

Friday, July 22, 2022

Grand Champion of The Clash Season 4 Marian Osabel just released her new single "Pira Piraso" under GMA Music.

Mariane says "This is worth the wait, I am glad that my supporters are happy about the single, and now, it's on number 3 on iTunes. Hopefully I'd be able to release another one this year. This song is about when a person gets a bad day, I reflect on the lyrics of my song "Pira Piraso" at the part where it says "Kaunti pang pasensys, kaunti pang panahon". I really enjoy music, I go to different places in the country now because of it, this is what I enjoy, music and travel. I am open to the thought of doing acting gigs, I did a workshop last March, hopefully I'd be able to do it soon because it is exciting and challenging. This song is also about loving someone fully, not in pieces. A thing I would advise newcomers, aspiring singers, is to TRY, don't second guess, because even if you lose, you learn something from it. I did that until I did succeed. As an artist, I put out my feelings in my music. It's a place to vent out, I write and sing that way. I am really happy now, I'm with someone that I could give my 100%, my capacity to love." 

 Mariane admits, this is about a failed love which she personally has experienced. I'm glad she got over it and is having the time of her life with someone special.

This single is now out on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms so if you love hear dearly, show your support by downloading or streaming copies of it legally. Congratulations Mariane! You deserve all the success!


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