PIOLO PASCUAL Continues Beautéderm Ties with KOREiSU Oral Care Line

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Piolo Pascual has always been the quintessential man to go to if you want a brand to be endorsed. It was a few years back when Beautéderm CEO and President Rhea Anicoche-Tan wished for him to be the face of BEAU, which is a soap with the benefits of Activated Charcoal and part of the Spruce & Dash line of products for men. She knew he was the perfect fit for the brand (to be the first male endorser) and worked hard to make that come true. 

After successfully working with him in recent years, the business has grown exponentially and knew renewing ties with the good looking Filipino singer, model, producer, film and TV actor was the right thing to do. This time, he's introducing the Beautéderm KOREiSU line of oral health products. To put it lightly, he entered the room and had the ladies put on smiles automatically.


Ms. Rhea says "Piolo is on a different league as an endorser. He's the kind that you can say is "Totally Worth It" because we didn't have to remind him during our campaigns when working with him with the BEAU products on social media. He even over delivers and does production for his posts. He's part of the success of the Beautéderm family and when you get the message across your platforms, we can help a lot of other people. I just came back from Ilocos where we had 35 new scholars at the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. We are also here to celebrate Piolo and Beautéderm as we have not been able to mount an event for him when we signed him three years ago due to pandemic restrictions. He's the most trusted man in the industry, very professional, very down to earth and you can feel the goodness in his heart; and we are so honored to have him in Beautéderm."


Piolo says "The ever growing family of Beautéderm deserves much thanksgiving, being their brand ambassador, KOREiSU Family Toothpaste and KOREiSU Whitening Toothpaste brings me my happy, bright and white smile. I'd like to thank Ms. Rhea for the blessing to be part of the Beautéderm family, and for the love you've given us (my peers in the industry). Let's beautify the world one healthy smile at a time!"

Here are highlights from the event on video, enjoy!

Here are some little stories that Ms. Rhea Tan shared to the media about how her experience was working with Piolo Pascual (which she says was very patient and didn't have any out of this world demands). He's charming and very humble. Aside from that, Piolo also talked about his son Inigo who's having a huge career in the US as he becomes part of a Hollywood project. A proud Dad!

As of today, the Beautéderm ambassadors amount to over 80 movie, TV and social media stars. Piolo is of course an A list celebrity that is certainly apt to make people know more about KOREiSU and the reasons they trust the brand. Congratulations to the men and women behind Beautéderm and of course, congratulations Mr. Piolo Pascual, thank you for being so nice to us that afternoon! If you want to know more about KOREiSU, make sure you follow their social channels and check out their Shopee store where you can get these products too. 


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