Thursday, September 15, 2022

If you've been getting your groceries and essentials from PUREGOLD, this isn't quite new to you. 

See, during the pandemic, they're one of the frontliners who made sure we got our supplies of food, snacks, rice, and almost anything you need to survive during that time. They care, and I've personally seen how hard they've worked these past few years to make sure things get back to normal as fast as it could. Aside from that, they really think about nature and the harmful effects of plastics in the environment hence this project they call WALASTIK Mondays (it has been going on for a while now) and news is, they're expanding it to Wednesdays as things ease here and in other parts of the country.

WALASTIK means Walang Plastic, and this means patrons and grocers are encouraged to bring their own ecobags and re-use it so we don't have to use non environment friendly plastics when buying groceries everyday. Initially they only had it implemented in Metro Manila stores, but now is going to do it on a national scale which means ALL of their branches. This comes as they've found no resistance and quite good acceptance from grocery shoppers.

Ivy Piedad Senior Marketing Manager of Puregold says “We are so happy about the results of our Walastik Mondays as we saved over 110,000 worth of plastic bags away from the trash system of the country. On Walastik Mondays at Puregold, it means you can’t use plastic on our stores. Soon it will be every Mondays and Wednesdays and hope you continue to support the environmental initiatives of Puregold.”

PUREGOLD President Vincent Co adds "We want our company to set an example to reuse, reduce and recycle and want our customers to do the same. We believe they too care for the environment and want to make sure this campaign and their shopping habits become sustainable."

Make sure you're bringing in your own ecobags the next time you shop at PUREGOLD. Their WALASTIK Mondays and Wednesdays will begin on September 26, tell your friends and family to do the same so we can save the environment and do our share.


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