EMILIO ROSO in Manila for Vision Of The Bible

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Emilio Roso is in the country to share the good news from his spiritual journey. He's a director, producer, actor and author based in Hollywood in the US. This time, he's taking you to a visual and audio spectacle of the Holy Bible through an app called Vision Of The Bible.

This one takes those heartwarming stories, teachings, various chapters and verses be accompanied with audio and video effects that make you feel a different experience, especially if you haven't been to Israel or different sites where it all happened. Roso feels everyone deserves to see where these stories happened and help connect the words to reality, something he is glad to share with Filipinos.

He thought about it while on a trip in the US, and this move to Manila beckons localizing the app's content so it would be adept to subscribers from the country, which he did. The quality of videos are courtesy of over 30 of the world's top cinematographers set to follow their footsteps, and tell their stories through their lens and more. The app also features the voice of award winning Rendy Towes and a multitude of voice actors interpreted in English and Spanish. Take the opportunity to download the app today which is available at Google Play or the App Store. See how you can become part of the journey to the holy land without leaving the Philippines today!


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