PSP! I'm in Heaven!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well yeah, as late as you may think this is... it is TOO LATE! ^_^ But I'm still a ver happy boy!

My brother just came back from Eire and gave me a VUNDERFUL gift... It's this white clad Playstation Portable Slim and Lite! My initial reaction was... WOW! *jawdrop*

Got my unit modified so I can play ISO games, got the services of red_man22 from where I usually deal with tech stuff. Now I've got about 8 gig of games and videos. I dished out about 2300 PHP for the Memory card and he even gave me freebies (screen protector and foam pouch)and am now enjoying every bit of it! You can get cheap units from him too.. at a whopping 8,300 pesos. Let me know I can give you his contact numbers if you need so! ^_^

Just today, I finished one of my favorite games after 2 days of nonstop playing.. here are shots of it! GOD OF WAR for PSP ^_^

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