One Pinoy Band that Mattered : Eraserheads "THE REUNION"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen.... I honestly do not want to rave about this yet until I get a ticket of my own... Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the ERASERHEADS are going to have a reunion concert on August 30,2008... Yes people of the republic of ultraelectromagneticpop!, THEY ARE BACK!

I personally will come marching with several thousands of people to watch this come to life at the CCP Open Grounds. Only online tickets they say are the only way to get in. Oh just the sheer thought of it makes me have goosebumps! They were like Gods to me (pardon blasphemy) when I was in highschool....much more in college.... Let heaven and earth fall to me if this happens...*knock on wood* Waaaaaaaaah!!!! I couldn't even concentrate on what I'm doing right now... (O_o)" Arrrrghhh!!! I'm sure my college mates and highschool even would go... I just can't wait! ^_^


Jamo said...

e-heads? Eto ang aking musika. Tanging album lang nila ang nsaulo kong kanta from start to finish.

san mabibili ang tiket? anung site sir?


John Bueno said...

Its actually on the 30th and is believed to only be given on Marlboro Philippines' website!