My Monster Mom

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, after a long time of not watching Filipino wife of 2 months (heheh...) finally dragged me into a movie house to watch this film by Jose Javier Reyes entitled "My Monster Mom".

I was not planning to enjoy it since it was corny when I saw some of the flicks shown before on TV. I'm a big fan of Eugene Domingo so I gave it a try, yeah yeah I know what you think, she's a ton of laughter's!

Rhian Ramos, whom I seldom see at gym plays the young Esme which is the title role for Annabelle Rama...she's a toughie cebuana who fell inlove with Richard Guttierez at the start of the movie. Richard on the other hand was caught with another woman, so Esme in the film went ballistic and hit him not once but thrice in the head with a guitar. Heheh...which is kinda normal if you know Annabelle Rama right? ^_^

She got pregnant already, but she went on and got her kid out.. Her brother however asked to adopt it since they can give the kid a better life in the states so as they say...promising that she would be next if they got settled. This however did not happen.

Then after 27years, Esme's brother died...Abby played by real life daughter Ruffa Guttierez went back to the Philippines and tried to get her adoption papers signed by Esme and Waldo (played by real life husband Eddie Guttierez) so she had to live with her for her stay here. Cultural shock went on the way as she had no idea what she went in for as her mother was the exact opposite of a dream biological mother would be... antics and skits here and there made me laugh every once in a while and twas just confirmed by the inserts of Eugene Domingo of course! ^_^

As tough and as weird as her mother seemed... she began loving her despite of everything. Boboy and Pipo (played by JC De Vera and Mart Escudero) were Abby's half brothers but of course, of different Fathers still... told yah it was weird! ^_^

All in all, I liked the was funny! Really funny! and I recommend you watch it even if I think I spoiled some of the parts you know! ^_^

This one gets 4 KUMAGS from me!

Annabelle Rama ... Esmeralda 'Esme' Fajardo
Ruffa Gutierrez ... Abegail 'Abby' Fajardo

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
J.C. de Vera ... Boboy
Eugene Domingo ... Marilou
Mart Escudero ... Pipo
Eddie Gutierrez ... Waldo
Richard Gutierrez ... young Waldo
Michelle Madrigal ... Maureen
Iwa Moto ... Vivian
Bubbles Paraiso ... Karen
Rhian Ramos ... young Esme
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