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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jun 29, '08 1:49 PM
for everyone
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Well, at first I was really really annoyed at the start of this movie. Would you believe that it had Chinese subtitiles on it?! Sheesh! It had successfully made me regret watching the not so good parts like the flying nail, the bubbly nose and everything hairy and woundy as you know it...if there was such a word!

Its a story of Nate Cooper played by Joel Moore tryin to find real love with his long time fantasy Cristabelle Abbot (Paris Hilton) and how he would reconnect with his past since this all started when they were in 1st grade. Odds and ends, then they met... but Nate had to go through the NOTTIE June Phigg played by Christin Lakin to get to her and that where this whole fiasco started. What's even more complicating is Nate's growing feelings for June, whose true beauty starts to emerge as she had gone through surgery and everything else while being processed for Cristabelle's Love!

Overall, it was just so so....Its a feeling that I did not really watch a movie...It was just like I only watched a TV show.... I could even count the people watching in the movie house at that time. About 15 I guess on a 300 seater?! geeze!

Paris Hilton ... Cristabelle Abbott
Joel Moore ... Nate Cooper (as Joel David Moore)
Christine Lakin ... June Phigg
Johann Urb ... Johann Wulrich

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