Something like it's child Linksys; Something More: A Cisco Certification!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am not as naive as you think when it comes to my work and how I plan to pursue bigger things in my career, paths taken here and there would not materialize with any corporation that I plan to work with in the future. If the proper certification does not take place and with a very reputable company, I'd probably end up in Row 4...just a few steps after the garbage bin. Now here's a little story how I somewhat changed my life... a turn around of events.

I started a couple of Modules while studying in my University was not far fetched; this was always going to be a part of my career path. I worked in the IT field for several years. Mind you, almost all the high paying jobs applied for required you nowadays and most when I was applying had to have Cisco certification

This is just under their belt. Sometimes, it even has its specialization on specific technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless. I am not a stranger to that of course coz since day 1 of my Linksys/Cisco work the jargons were like staple food. Data Communications even on my Electronics and Communications major subjects came into reality in this specific filed I entered in. That is... real network and computer HARDWARE.

So I went on and punished myself with 4 modules, a review and a couple of pointers from previous certification passers. Then I mustered up everything including the payment for the examinations and tried this on one generous morning. I was really really afraid because some of my former classmates in the review center (from what I heard) did not pass. That's just detrimental to the plans I'm shooting for... First things first..the step is the Routing and Switching...which I painfully repeated to myself over and over and over again... it became a norm so I hope that would purge my nervousness from taking the exams.

So ladies and gentlemen... I passed... not that high of an average but it’s just enough to pass the exams...and waited so anxiously for the ID to be mailed… Let us all praise God! A big "THANKS" to him for taking good care of me. ^_^

Yeap!, now the picture seems a little bit clearer. After working a couple of years for this IT corp., I can now plan ahead and put these dreams into by one. I am in a bit of a hurry, to climb up the corporate ladder, this particular year included so I plan to get the open positions. It may be technical, administrative or managerial in nature but my forte would probably fall still in the same category. Now the certification even made me enjoy the perks, now that it is also long known and recognized worldwide I could seize opportunities elsewhere too. You can have the same opportunities that I had; just make sure you get it from the one and the best… only CISCO! Only their Cisco certification

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